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Send Me, I’ll Go

Last week, Jake Taube’s (missionary to Taiwan) book was released entitled “Send Me, I’ll Go”.  Jake was a missionary in China but was expelled on Easter of 2014 for his Gospel witness.  He has been used […]

Cultural Tidbit: The Sun of May

Have you ever seen Argentina’s flag?  It is a beautiful flag with three bands.  The outer two bands are light blue and the inside band is white.  Inside the white stripe is a sun with a face […]

Cultural Tidbit: Jug on a Car

I think culture is a beautiful thing.  I was in one country where for the birthday of a loved one, instead of him or her blowing out the candles, the friends would shove his face […]

February 2015 Missions Letter

Blessings What a great month! We started January out in Pigeon Forge, TN where we held our annual Our Generation Summit! We had over 300 people in attendance with several who surrendered their lives to […]


Argentina has great opportunities for planting churches.  There are 55 cities with a population of over 100,000 people!  The need is great, but God is greater!  We have been studying different cities.  There are five […]