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As believers, our purpose is to bring the most glory we can to God, to strive to do all we can for Jesus, to live our lives for Jesus, to give Jesus 100%.  Do you […]

San Justo & La Matanza

I highlighted a few different posts on different cities in Argentina.  For this post, we are going to take just a few moments to look at San Justo and La Matanza. San Justo is a […]

Biblical Attributes of a Missionary: Love

We have been looking at characteristics (or attributes) that key missionaries in the Bible had in common.  Each of these men were different.  Each of them had different backgrounds, different “mission fields”, different results.  At […]

November 2014 Missions Letter

Back Home, Back On The Road! October was a wonderful month!  We had been out on the road for seven weeks and arrived to our house in Atlanta, but we didn’t stop there.  This month […]