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Argentina and Eternity

I have been on deputation (the process of raising funds for the mission field) for a year and two months.  In this 14 months, we have seen God bless tremendously!  We will be leaving at […]

Our Default Setting

In computer science, a “default setting” is a setting or a value automatically assigned to a software application, computer program or device. When I was in high school I used a program called “Microsoft Word”. […]

What Do I Do Next?

Questions That I Am Asked: “I want to be a missionary what do I do next?” “I want to be a missionary, what do I do next?”  I have been asked this question from time […]

Why Argentina?

A common question I am asked is “Why Argentina?”  What a great question!  There are almost 200 countries in the world (196 to be exact).  Out of all the countries in the world, why Argentina? […]